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Jugular Jugular

Estes 5016
"Wood Shed" Franklin x Estes 3511
Owned with Estes Club Lambs



Our Glass X Mob Boss
Purchased from Allison McGolden Club Lambs 



Mighty Mouse

Maker Son x Dog
Purchased from Brad Dale



Image Club Lambs
2SY (Momentum Son) x Boom Boom

B.A. is more than a name here; it’s an expression referencing this sheep’s large hip, extreme shape, and furry feet as a buck lamb. In all honestly, I’m sure the words bad ass have been thrown around more about the ewe behind him , the captivating Boom Boom daughter not only proved a potent outcross but is a stout, classic-built ewe who, more importantly remains structurally flawless to the ground, a trait not so common these days. Long story short B.A. is the result of minding old school morals while developing new age trends.


Image Club Lambs
Scott Layne Family

Dan Layne
Bill Ashby
Billy Ashby


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Image Club Lambs